Player Insurance Scheme

Michael Cusack’s GAC have made the move to take out insurance for all of our players, coaches, volunteers and referees. This is a NSWGAA first, with Cusack’s being the only GAA club in NSW to provide such insurance cover to assist injured players.

The main benefits include:

Capital Benefits

The cover under this section provides $75,000 for death resulting from accident. All other permanent disabilities are calculated using a percentage of the death benefit depending severity of injury.

Loss of Earnings

The cover under this section pays 100% of the Members actual weekly income, up to a maximum of $500 per week, subject to a 14 day deferral period.

Medical and Dental Costs

The cover under this section reimburses 85% of non-Medicare medical treatment including ambulance, hospital accommodation / theatre fees, orthotics, splints, prosthesis, treatments given by a dentist, chiropractor, masseur, naturopath, osteopath or physiotherapist. The maximum benefit for this section is $2,500. All treatment must be certified by a registered medical practitioner and not subject to any Medicare rebate. All claims are subject to a $50 excess if no private health cover. Any expenses must be incurred within 12 months of the insured person sustaining the injury.


Those not entitled to Medicare can claim up to a maximum of $2,500 in medical & dental expenses.

How are we covering the costs?

Part of the cost of our insurance scheme is incorporated into our annual registration fees. In addition, we engage in a number of fundraising events during the year to help subsidise the costs – as such we urge all players to participate in our fund raising events and activities throughout the season – after all the funds raised directly benefits you, our players and members.

Want more information?

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Please note: This player accident insurance aims to compliment your existing private health insurance.

Michael Cusack’s GAC recommends all players take out their own private health insurance cover (e.g. VHI Global).